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RSDC is one of the only associations who have been invited to teach the majority of lead Police personal safety trainers in both England and Wales. These trainers then go on to teach new recruits and existing officers how to deal with a situation if it gets out of control and turns physical.

The goal is always for it not to turn physical, unfortunately we don’t always have that luxury. With our experience in real life conflict and drawing on our skill sets from endless repetition and pressure testing, we are able to give the Officers high percentage options of really usable solutions and answers to encounters that they may face.

We are also proud to be teaching staff at some of the NHS trusts and paramedic services in the North East of England. It’s hard to imagine that these individuals, who’s job it is to help people would need training provided by RSDC, though unfortunately these are the times that we live in.

RSDC is able to provide training to all corporations to suit their needs. This ranges from a discussion on the danger signs and warning signs, situation awareness in a situation where you think things may get physical all the way to teaching a physical input for us to train your members of staff. Our expertise in this area is second to none and we are happy to help out in anyway we can.

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Corporate Training Feedback

Had a fantastic session with Neil and James of RSDC, very good training, a mixture of grappling and Krav Maga. Excellent Police training, very fit for purpose, I recommend it to anyone

GarettSouth Wales Police

Really enjoyed the training today with Neil & James. Defiantly fit for purpose. We are constrained sometimes with the perception of the manual, that we can’t go beyond it or that we’re restricted to it, but what was shown today incorporates aspects and makes it more applicable to what the threat level is that we’re facing right now, so I’d recommend this training to anyone.

JohnSouth Wales Police Operational Trainer, Officer safety trainer

We’ve just had RSDC training with Neil & James, tremendous, absolutely tremendous. Different emphasis on defence, good workout, good mental input, regarding what you can do, what you can’t do, what’s safe to do and all round everybody has enjoyed, good work, safe, no injuries, very happy.

LeeRegional Leader for personal safety in South Wales

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