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Welcome to Reality Self Defence Concepts

Reality Self-Defence Concepts, RSDC, is a hybrid of different systems fused together to make a self-defence system like no other.

In a World where MMA and UFC are hugely popular you’ll require a system to reflect this trend to make sure you’re fully prepared for what may happen.

A system that is highly effective and easy to learn.

Training with RSDC

Based on concepts and principles, we merge different systems together to achieve the desired result. Whether that’s to restrain someone due to your job, fighting in close proximity because you’ve been grabbed or dealing with multiple attackers or situations where your movement is restricted due to the environment.

We aim to give you the ability to get clear to safety as quickly as possible and we develop your skillset to be able to effectively defend yourself in all these different ranges.

Topics that are covered.

  • De-escalation –  effective communication strategies (verbal jiu jitsu) and body positioning when dealing with a potentially violent situation
  • Defending yourself one on one and against multiple attackers
  • Being threatened and attacked with weapons including knives, pistols and bats
  • Defending yourself in close range using grappling and close quarters striking
  • How to effectively defend yourself while on the ground
  • Protecting family / friends
  • Using everyday objects and the environment to defend yourself
  • Adjusting all the concepts taught to different environments, such as public transport and confined spaces

What People Say About Us

Joining the KMDA team is one of the best things I have ever done,I have seen my technique and fight IQ increase. Everyone in the classes are eager and friendly showing great respect.

Terry BrawnNorthampton KMDA

I love this club, great people, great instructors and superb training!

Paul HadfieldNorthampton KMDA

Great classes . I like how the instructors change from time to time as each instructor brings their own qualities and ways to the class which is great . It’s never light work and very full on yet explained simply .

Craig WoodsHitchin KMDA
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